Fantastic results during National Championships

Many of our players did great in the National Indoor Championships which just finished in GLTK, Gothenburg. Singles and doubles champion in both girls and boys 16 through our new and coming players Erik Grevelius and Alexandra Viktorovitch. In total our 5 players collected 4 different national championships (2 in singles, 3 in doubles), 2 singles runner-ups and one doubles runner up. Simply fantastic!

Alexandra Viktorovitch, GS16 and GD16 Champion
Erik Grevelius, BS 16 and BD16 Champion
Johan Garpered, BD16 Champion and BS16 semifinalist
Anton Örnberg, BS16 and BD16 runner-up
Emma Shasteen, GD14 Champion and GS14 runner-up

– This was a tremendous effort from the players. We’re really satisfied with our team of players and their national level. Now we cannot wait to be able to work with all of them on a daily basis, says project director Rickard Billing