First selection of players are made

Academy of KLTK has formaely agreed on adding their first few players to the roster for 2016. 12-year old Emma Shasteen of Lerums TK, Anton Örnberg of Kils TK and KLTK-duo LIsa Zaar and Johan Garpered is the first to join the Academy.

All the players are basically top level in Sweden and have won nationl championships or represented Sweden in Youth Olympics or European Championships. We will meet and practice together during upcoming tournament SALK Open. We will make a plan for 2016 and make this official soon enough. We are constantly monitoring different players to see what could be a perfect match for us. The attitude of the players and the willingness to succeed is important but also the ability to cope in a group which is not so easy for indivduals in tennis who many times are used to get a lot of individual attention.

– We have spent a good amount of time with these players and feel this will be a good start comments Andrej Tonejc.