New trips and titles

Academy of KLTK are doing some serious itf junior touring. For 5 straight weeks we have been touring scandinavia with different players and coaches and different cities in Denmark, Norway x2, Finland and Sweden have been visited and a lot of matches and experiences have been made.

DISPUK Copenhagen Winter Cup, Denmark 

We started in Copenhagen, Denmark. Coach Andrej went with Anton Örnberg, Johan Garpered and guest Erik Grevelius (Lidingö TK). Johan and Anton lost in first match and Erik won 2 rounds in singles. In doubles Anton made the quarterfinal and Johan Garpered partnering Gilbert Jäger (SALK) actually won his second straigt doubles ITF-title.

ITF Olso Open, Norway 

Coach Andrej continued to Olso with Anton and Erik. Anton won first round but began to feel ill and hade to go back home.

ALK Open, Finland

Through the Academy of KLTK, the clubplayers could travel to Finland with coach René Lindberg and Jessica Mridha and Anna Leijon.

ITF Gjovik Porsche Open, Norway

Swedish federation and coach Pontus Norberg took care of Academy player Johan Garpered this week. Anton was still sick so Erik Grevelius (Lidingö TK) took his place. Johan Garpered made the quarterfinals in singles and together with Erik they won the doubles title (three in a row!).

Also, through support from Academy of KLTK we also took care of KLTK-trio Carl-Johan Prioset, Jessica Mridha, Anna Leijon and Svetlana Teterina during this event under the guidence of coach Aftab Baig. Carl-Johan made the quarters and Jessica got her first ITF-points.

Kramfors High Coast Junior Tournament, Sweden

Coach Andrej took the final trip of this tour to northern part of Sweden with Johan Garpered and Anton Örnberg and guest Erik Grevelius (Lidingö TK)


– This was a good period on the scandinavian ITF tour. We are happy for the development of our players and the rise in ranking has been in the right direction since day one. Its easier in the beginning and this scandinavian tour is a good start. Its like ”home” for our players and a good transition but soon we need to experience higher level and adapt in order to develop and increase our level, says Andrej Tonejc.