Try-outs and international visits

A great couple of months with ITF-tournaments and some try outs at the club for invited players. As a bonus we had a visit from one of the best 12-year old players in the world, Dasha Lopatetskaya from Ukraine.

She was in Stockholm and dropped in for a session with coach Andrej Tonejc and club player Jessica Mridha. Good luck in Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl Dasha!

-It was fun but also interesting to see the level of Dasha. Its always good with a benchmark like this, to get a sense of the level of world class junior prospects. However, it is a long and difficult journey and most important is to always develop and prepare the player to be ready for the pro-level rather than junior cirquit.

-We have a good feeling about what group of players we would like to start with 2016. So far the interest and response have been great from the players. We are not a commercial academy, we only have a limited number of maximum 12 players enrolled in full program som we have to be selective. Maybe we will pick a few more players just to start with but for future it will be very few from each age group if any comments head coach Andrej Tonejc.

-We will agree with players on a yearly basis only but of course we think long term with the players we discuss with. To begin with we will only look for players born 2000 and younger. This is a 10 year project to start with but the clubs intention is to hopefully secure this as a part of our future also long term. It will not be easy, 20-30 years ago we knew that a swedish champion was top in europe and could earn a living from 17-20 years old for sure. Today is not the case so we have to be patient but strong willed adds director of sports, Rickard Billing